Weight Loss: 3 Simple Steps That Are Proven To Work

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It’s not easy to lose weight.  But this doesn’t mean it’s impossible.
Marketers and big corporations want you to believe that losing weight is close to impossible and that’s why you need to buy another “magic cure” they are selling or start a new trendy diet they promote.

The truth is, when it comes to weight loss there is nothing out there that’s going to work any better than these 3 Simple Weight Loss Steps That Are Proven To Work.

Here is How To Lose Weight in 3 Simple Steps and why you should start losing weight right now.

Step 1. Avoid Sugar And Carbs

First thing first.  The main reason you aren’t losing weight right now is your sugar and carbs. Our bodies need a certain amount of sugar and carbs to survive but this amount is very small compare to what the commercials on TV tell us.

Here is why.

Extra sugar and carbs turns into fat.

The more sugar and carbs you eat the more fat you gain.

It’s that simple.

So how much sugar and carbs do you really need?

2 tablespoons of sugar if you are a woman (25 g) and 3 tablespoons of sugar (37 g) if you are a man.  

This equals 1 cup of hot chocolate (25 g of sugar) or a bbq chicken dinner (16 g sugar) and a salad with glazed walnuts (9g of sugar).

See what I’m saying?  Those cookies and cupcakes do make us fat because we get enough sugar in our diet with the “regular” food.

Now… Lots of foods contain hidden added sugars. Sauces, sweet yogurts, even a glass of wine has more sugar then you thing it does. Just read the back labels. That’s why it’s best to avoid added sugar at all cost.

What about carbs?

The recommended daily intake of carbs is between 225 and 325 grams a day depending on your age, sex, and activity level.

Here is how 200 g of carbs look like:

1 Whole Wheat Toast (12 g)
1 cup brown rice (45 g)
1 cup Spaghetti with Spaghetti Sause&Cheese (85 g)
1 Medium Blueberry muffin (61 g)

And this is if you are working towards MAINTAINING and not LOSING weight.  That’s why if you want to lose weight you need to cut your carbs or avoid them altogether.

Switch to whole wheat bread, pasta, and brown rice but remember not to overload.  The less carbs you eat the more weight you lose.  It’ not easy but it works.

Step 2. Eat Protein, Vegetables and Healthy Fats

Here is what you should eat if you want to lose weight.

– Lean meats, such as chicken breast, fish, and steak.  Avoid pork, bacon, deli meats and other meats that contain high amounts of saturated fats.

– Healthy fats, such as avocado, olive oil, nuts, flax seed oil.  Avoid hydrogenated oils (fried and deep fried food) and other foods containing saturated and trans fats.

– Plenty of vegetables and greens.  When it comes to greens and veggies you can eat as many as you want.  Raw or steamed is your best choice.  Cooked veggies are fine too.  Switch white potatoes for sweet potatoes.  Sweet potatoes do contain a lots of carbs too so don’t overload.

Step 3. Exercise 2-3 times a week

If you follow Step 1 and Step 2 for a few months in a row you will lose weight.  But to lose weight even faster you need to exercise.

Exercise help to grow muscle and muscle burn the fat.  The more muscle you have the more fat you burn and the faster you lose weight.  Plus the muscles make your body look toned, slimmer and sexier.  Exercises lifts your mood, boost your confidence, libido, and improves your overall health so there is really no reason not to start exercising.

But it’s not easy to start.

And if you’ve ever felt this way you are not along.  People can find all kinds of excuses that make sense to them that WILL prevent them from starting exercising.

But here is how to start. 

The best way to start is to schedule a class or an appointment with a trainer or a workout buddy so that it’s harder for you to flake.  Find something you get excited about or look forward to – a fitness or dance class, marathon training, boxing, cardio yoga, zumba, jogging, swimming – anything that you’ve always wanted to do or to try.  This will keep you motivated and keep you coming back.

The key is to find some form of exercise that you really like.

But don’t expect to like working out right away.  It may take some time to find something you really like.  Don’t be afraid to explore and try different things.  You might enjoy running outside, going to the gym to lift weights or do a Pilates class with your girlfriends on a weekend.  Or you may enjoy it all!  You don’t have to stick to one form of exercise – do whatever makes you feel good — it’s completely up to you.

When I first tried yoga I didn’t like it.  Nor I did in my second or even third time.  But one day they opened up a new yoga studio near me and offered a free month of classes.  I took advantage of this opportunity and tried many different classes and teachers.  I was happy to discover more than 10 types of yoga, learned the unique philosophy, and made new friends.  Soon enough I found a few classes I really enjoyed and kept coming back for years.

Button line, explore different exercises and do the ones you really like.  If you like it you are most likely to stick with it.

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Thanks for reading!

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