The Eight Best Spices For Weight Loss

spices for weight loss

I have women asking me about spices… Can they use spices when trying to eat clean?

Or are they bad for you, just like salt?

When it comes to spices not only you can, you NEED to use them for meals.
Some spices help to boost your metabolism and promote weight loss. So go ahead sprinkle all over your breakfast, lunch, or dinner meal, as well as desserts!

And here is The Eight Best Spices For Weight Loss.

1. Ginger
Helps reduce appetite, cut cravings and relaxes intestinal tract.
Use it with chicken and beef, ice cream, teas and smoothies.

2. Cayenne Pepper
Contains capsaicin, which helps to burn fat.
Use it for cooking meet and fish.

3. Turmeric
Contains curcumin, which helps to reduce formation of fat tissues.
Use in curries and other dishes, desserts, such as ice creams. And makes great smoothie, tea, and Turmeric Milk.

4. Mustard Seeds
Boosts metabolism for hours after consumption.
Typically used in Indian and Thai food.

5. Cinnamon (my favorite!)
Reduces blood sugar, boosts metabolism, helps process carbs.
You can use cinnamon pretty much on everything. Cook meat and veggies with it.
I love to sprinkle it over my oatmeal.  Use it in smoothies, smoothie bowls and many desserts.

6. Cumin
Helps digestion and energy production.
Use it for cooking meat – meatballs or meatloaf, for example – chicken, and veggies.

7. Black pepper
Helps digestion, aids nutrient adsorption, boost metabolism.
Ain’t no meat is cooked without black pepper.

8. Coriander
Shown to increase metabolic function.
Used widely in Thai and Indian foods.

Feel free to share your favorite dish with these spices below!

Thanks for reading!

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