The Best Probiotics – Probiotic America Perfect Biotics Review

So many probiotic brands are currently on the market, which makes it hard to choose the right one. Is there any difference between the brands or are they all the same? And how do you choose the BEST one?

I’m here to answer these questions for you.

Although all the probiotics in a pill form are similar there is a HUGE difference among the brands.

Here are three important things to look for in a good probiotic brand:

1. Number of CFUs (or “good” bacteria) and number of Strains
2. How probiotics are made and stored
3. Money back guarantee

1. Number of CFUs (colony forming units) and Strains

The NUMBER of strains and CFUs (variety of “good” bacteria) are different among brands.

It’s because the bigger the number of CFUs and strains is the more diverse the “good” probiotic bacteria is. Which makes the ones with the most strains much more powerful and faster working.

To make it simple, the bigger the numbers the better the probiotics are. Because they are much more powerful and effective.

When it comes to the numbers you want to look for billions, for example Probiotic America has 30 Billion CFUs and 15 strains. A great example of the large amount of strains is Probiotic America. They have 30 Billion CFUs and 15 strains which makes Probiotic America one of the leading and best selling brands of probiotics.

2. How Probiotics are made and stored

Another important factor is how probiotic made. Unlike supplements most probiotics have a short shelf life and need to be refrigerates. That’s why they can quickly spoil while being transported especially in you live in places with very hot weather or like to take probiotics with you when travel.

That’s why it’s best to choose dried freeze probiotics, such as Probiotic America. They be stored at a room temperature and don’t get destroyed by heat or while being transported. That’s another reason why Probiotic America are one of the best choices of probiotics.

3. Money Back Guarantee

And the last but not least important thing is the money back guarantee. I’ve found that Probiotic America has by far the BEST 90-day-money-back-guarantee. This means you can try 3 bottles of the probiotics and if you still don’t see good results you can get your money back no questions asked. It’s that simple. This company really does stand by their product.

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