New Mom Booty Workout – Part 1

No gym? No nanny? No problem!
Your baby can help you to get nice round booty!

Take your baby and go outside for a quick New Mom Booty Workout.
Perform 12 reps each exercise for a total of 3 sets. Or as many as you can!

It’s best to start when you baby is young to work your way up to it. Babies do grow fast! Make sure to get an ok from your doctor first. And if the baby feels too heavy, try these exercises without the baby first. After a few weeks you’ll get stronger and that’s the time to add the baby to your routine.
Keep practicing and don’t give up. You will get stronger. It’s a fun to spend time with your baby. Plus you get a nice booty. Why not?

Watch New Mom Booty Workout Part 2 Here 


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