Kiwi Berries Health Benefits

Kiwi Berries
These tart-sweet bite-size kiwi berries make a perfect snack.

In addition to its amazing flavor kiwi berries pack a ton of health benefits such as:
  • Hight level of antioxidants
  • Five times as much vitamin C as your average orange
  • Rich source of vitamin E (You can get as much vitamin E from a just a few low-calorie kiwi berries as you can from an entire avocado!)
  • Along with spinach, kiwi berries are one of the rare vegetables rich in Vitamin B6, which helps your body create and use energy
  • Other nutrients in kiwi berries include folic acid, fiber, potassium and chromium, making them an ultimate superfruit

Enjoy in salads, add them to your favorite yogurt or eat by itself!

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