5 Most Dangerous Health Foods That Make You Fat

gluten freeExercising and eating healthy but don’t lose weight?

Wonder why?

You may think you eat HEALTHY, but does the health foods you eat are really that good for you?

Can the health foods you eat make you fat?

Turned out they can.

Some foods are advertised as healthy in reality may be causing danger to your body.

Here is the list of health foods to look out for and why they make you gain extra weight.

1. Gluten-Free Foods
People are drawn to the gluten-free foods these days even if they don’t have gluten or wheat allergy. It sounds healthier so it must be good for you, right?


Many gluten-free products actually have more calories than similar versions that contain gluten. Ingredients such as cornstarch and brown rice flour, which are used to mimic the texture and taste of gluten, are more calorically dense than the ingredients they replace.

You consume more calories with gluten-free foods that’s why you quickly gain extra pounds.

Your best bet is whole foods that are naturally gluten-free, like quinoa.

2. Cold Pressed Juice

A bottle of “healthy” cold pressed juice may contain up to 50g of sugar. It’s double the amount of sugar you need per day to stay healthy and maintain a healthy weight – if you are a woman.

Cold pressed juices lack most essential nutrients, such as protein, fats, and fiber, which are necessary for maintaining healthy weight. They don’t keep you full like whole fruits and veggies do and only make you even hungrier in the long run.
Plus there is no studies that show actual benefits of cold press juices.
All that makes a cold press juice nothing more than sugar water.

Bottom line. Juice your own veggies and fruits instead or better yet eat them raw.

3. Nutrition and Vitamin Waters

These thirst quenchers might promise magical powers, like helping you stay focused at work, or reviving you from the hangover. But the boost you feel after drinking a vitamin-enhanced beverage comes more from sugar than it does from a slew of B vitamins and electrolytes.

Some 20-ounce bottles contain more than 30 grams of sugar. And just like your body absorbs nutrients more effectively from real food than it does supplements, the same thing applies to the vitamins and minerals that have been used to fortify these magical waters.

You best bet is to get your nutrients from whole foods, and stay hydrated calorie-free with pure water.

4. Whole Wheat Bread

Unless it’s made from actual whole grains, it’s just as processed as white bread. Often, the whole wheat has been ground into a fine flour that’s easy to digest and spikes your blood sugar just as quickly as white bread.

Look for 100% whole wheat, whole grain or sprouted breads instead.

5. Flavored Greek Yogurt

Flavored Greek yogurt’s got a tart taste. There are dozens of tempting flavor combos to pick from. But a 6-ounce container of blueberry Greek yogurt packs approximately 16 grams of sugar. And some flavors can packs for up to 35g, which is more than recommended daily dose.

Your best bet is to stick to plain fat-free Greek yogurt and add your own berries.
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  1. Jackie
    April 18, 2017 at 6:11 pm (7 months ago)

    I didn’t even think about the greek yogurt! good substitute suggestions! =)

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