3 Secrets To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight

motivated Working out hard and eating healthy only to find yourself giving up after a few months, weeks, or even days? And gaining the weight back?

We’ve all been there.

And to tell the truth, I’ve been through these cycles a lot.

That’s right. Just like everyone else I used to “quit” my healthy diet and daily exercise and gain the weight back.

And I know how it feels. You feel frustrated, disappointed, and hopeless. And the worst thing is, you have to start losing weight all over again.

I’ve been through these cycles so many times that I have decided to do something about it. Through trial and error I found ways to stay fit, motivated, and make a healthy lifestyle fun and exciting. And I want to share my secrets with you.

1. Love your workouts

I used to go for the trendy things just to be like everyone else and to fit in. But what I found out is that I didn’t always like them. And that’s why I didn’t stay motivated to do them. But I realized that just because all my girl friends are into Bikram yoga but I find it horrendous doesn’t mean we can’t be fiends and do something else together.
So I’ve started paying attention to what I really like and what makes working out fun and exciting for me. This one can take a while but it’s important to find a sport or activity that you really like doing. It also could be something as simple as trying a different teacher or a different place for the same type of activity.

My advice would be to take your time to explore and find what you really like. Pay attention to the things you liked to do when you were a kid. Or explore new things you have never tried before. You will most likely to stick with the activity if you truly like doing it.

2. Focus on the “real” energy

The food is a harder part because in the ideal world all we want is to eat as much of our favorite foods as we want and never ever get fat. But that’s not how it works in the real world, unfortunately. Understanding that not all food is good for us not matter how tasty it is, gave me a desire to find a way to make a healthy diet fun.
I’ve started paying attention to the foods that give me lots of energy.
For example, greens and veggies are full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and other super important stuff for our bodies and they give us tons of energy. But carbs and sugar, on the other hand, have empty calories and little to no vitamins. All they do is make as fat, drowsy, and hungry because our bodies didn’t get the vitamins and the nutrients they need.

Salads or smoothies with greens give me so much more energy and not many calories, which is just what I need when it comes to staying fit and getting it through the day.

So if energy is something that you are lacking switch to healthy foods and you’ll be surprised how big of a difference it makes.

3. Cheat (every once in a while)

And the last secret of staying motivated is having the cheat meals.

I love having cheat days. This is one of the key ingredients that keeps me healthy and fit. Here is why. When you allow yourself to have a cheat meal without feeling guilty– that’s the most important part – then you can last longer with your healthy diet. Just let yourself truly enjoy life and the foods you love. Eat a piece of cake or a slice of your favorite peperoni pizza. The amount of calories you consume with just one cheat meal won’t make you gain weight if it’s only one meal per week. So you really shouldn’t feel guilty about having one cheat meal. And it will help you to stick to your healthy diet because since you’ve had what you really wanted now you feel satisfied and happy. And you can go back to eating healthy and look forward to your next cheat meal. Just remember not to have too many cheat meals because you will gain weight if you have too many of these.

Try these tips to help staying motivated to lose weight. These are the best tricks I have found that work for me. If you have your own tips that help your stay motivated please feel free to share them in the comments below.

And don’t get discouraged no matter what the day brings you. There is always going to be ups and downs but remember that you can do it! And if you are reading this then you are on the right path.

Thanks for reading!


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