12 Benefits of Running


One of the best ways to lose weight is to run. And you don’t need to run for hours. 20-30 min a day is all you need to start shedding extra pounds and get rid of the “love handles.” But running not only burns your fat. There are as many a twelve other benefits of running.

Running helps to:

1. Raise your levels of good cholesterol
2. Increase lung function and use
3. Boost immune system
4. Lower your risk of developing blood clots
5. Lower your risk of breast cancer foe women
6. Reduce the risk of having a stroke and heart attack
7. Boost your mood and self-confidence
8. Relieve stress
9. Reduce your chances of developing tension headaches
10. Eliminate depression
11. Increase energy and focus
12. Promote weight loss and maintain healthy weight

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